2016 Films

Six feature films in current theatrical release

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HuntfortheWilderpeopleThe Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is all about life-changing moments and the people who are the catalysts. It’s about learning from those around you, regardless of age or circumstance. Miriam Di Nunzio, Chicago Sun-Times, July 8, 2016

Raised on hip-hop and foster care, defiant city kid Ricky gets a fresh start in the New Zealand countryside. He quickly finds himself at home with his new foster family: the loving Aunt Bella, the cantankerous Uncle Hec, and dog Tupac. When a tragedy strikes that threatens to ship Ricky to another home, both he and Hec go on the run in the bush. As a national manhunt ensues, the newly branded outlaws must face their options: go out in a blaze of glory or overcome their differences and survive as a family. Equal parts road comedy and rousing adventure story, director Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows, upcoming Thor: Ragnorak) masterfully weaves lively humor with emotionally honest performances by Sam Neill and Julian Dennison. A hilarious, touching crowd-pleaser, Hunt for the Wilderpeople reminds us about the journey that growing up is at any age.

Directed & written by Taika Waititi and starring Sam Neill, Julian Dennison, and Rima Te Wiata

In theaters June 24, 2016 to limited release. Rating of PG-13 (for thematic elements including violent content, and for some language).  Runtime is 101 minutes.  Studio: Piki Films.  Screens Friday at 7:00 pm, Saturday at 1:00 pm, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 7:00 pm.


Cafe SocietyCafeSociety

A love story drenched in nostalgia, Café Society is a film of rare beauty. Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 28, 2016

Set in the 1930s, Woody Allen’s bittersweet romance Café Society follows Bronx-born Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg) to Hollywood, where he falls in love, and back to New York, where he is swept up in the vibrant world of high society nightclub life. Centering on events in the lives of Bobby’s colorful Bronx family, the film is a glittering valentine to the movie stars, socialites, playboys, debutantes, politicians, and gangsters who epitomized the excitement and glamour of the age.

Directed and written by Woody Allen and starring Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, and Steve Carell

In theaters July 15, 2016 to limited release.   Rating of PG-13 (for some violence, a drug reference, suggestive material and smoking).  Runtime of 85 minutes.  Studio: Perdido Productions.  Screens Friday at 7:10 pm, Saturday at 1:15 pm, Sunday and Tuesday at 7:10 pm.


Captain FantasticCaptFan2

It’s a rare movie that asks such big questions – about parenting, about family, about modern-day America – and comes up with answers that are moving and meaningful, that make you laugh and cry. Stephen Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer, July 21, 2016

He bears the nickname of a comic book hero, the brains of a scholar, the soul of a rebel. And his story is a richly rewarding film experience.  Mara Reinstein, Us Weekly, August 11, 2016

Deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, isolated from society, a devoted father (Viggo Mortensen) dedicates his life to transforming his six young children into extraordinary adults. But when a tragedy strikes the family, they are forced to leave this self-created paradise and begin a journey into the outside world that challenges his idea of what it means to be a parent and brings into question everything he’s taught them.

Directed and written by Matt Ross and starring Viggo Mortensen, George MacKay, and Samantha Isler.

In Theaters July 8, 2016 to limited release. Rating of R (for language and brief graphic nudity).  Runtime is 119 minutes. Studio: Electric City Entertainment.  Screens Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 9:25 pm, Sunday at 3:15 pm, and Wednesday and Thursday at 7:10 pm.


Don'tThinkTwiceDon’t Think Twice

Don’t Think Twice is one of the best of the year, an Altman-esque ensemble comedy-drama that blends loose and funny comedy with painfully true insights about the strain that success and failure can put on friendships. Rob Thomas, Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin), August 26, 2016

Don’t Think Twice manages the neat trick of remaining sweet-natured while letting absolutely no one off the hook. Ty Burr, Boston Globe, August 4, 2016

When a member of a popular New York City improv troupe gets cast on a hit TV show, the rest of the group – all best friends – start to realize that not everyone is going to make it after all. From the director of Sleepwalk With Me and the creator of This American Life comes Don’t Think Twice, a critically acclaimed comedy packed with comic stars Keegan-Michael Key, Gillian Jacobs, Mike Birbiglia, Kate Micucci, Chris Gethard and Tami Sagher that presents a hilarious and honest look at the lives of professional funny people.

Directed and written by Mike Birbiglia and starring Keegan-Michael Key, Gillian Jacobs, and Mike Birbiglia.

In Theaters July 22, 2016 to limited release. Rating of R (for language and some drug use).   Runtime is 92 minutes. Studio: The Film Arcade.  Screens Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 9:15 pm, Sunday at 3:00 pm,  and Wednesday at 7:00 pm.


LittleMenLittle Men

Little Men is a sweet, deceptively slight movie about boyhood friendship and parental conflict set against the backdrop of a gentrified New York.
Peter Ranier, Christian Science Monitor, August 12, 2016

When 13-year-old Jake’s (Theo Taplitz) grandfather dies, his family moves from Manhattan back into his father’s old Brooklyn home. There, Jake befriends the charismatic Tony (Michael Barbieri), whose single mother Leonor (Paulina Garcia), a dressmaker from Chile, runs the shop downstairs. Soon, Jake’s parents Brian (Greg Kinnear) and Kathy (Jennifer Ehle) — one, a struggling actor, the other, a psychotherapist — ask Leonor to sign a new, steeper lease on her store. For Leonor, the proposed new rent is untenable, and a feud ignites between the adults. At first, Jake and Tony don’t seem to notice; the two boys, so different on the surface, begin to develop a formative kinship as they discover the pleasures of being young in Brooklyn. Jake aspires to be an artist, while Tony wants to be an actor, and they have dreams of going to the same prestigious arts high school together. But the children can’t avoid the problems of their parents forever, and soon enough, the adult conflict intrudes upon the borders of their friendship.

Directed by Ira Sachs and written by Ira Sachs and Mauricio Zacharias.  Starring Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Ehle, and Paulina García.

In Theaters August 5, 2016 to limited release.  Rated PG (for thematic elements, smoking and some language). Runtime of one hour and 15 minutes.  Studio: Race Point Films.  Screens Saturday at 3:15 pm and 7:10 pm, Sunday at 1:15 pm, and Monday at 7:10 pm.


The Music of StrangersMusic

Strangers offers an inspiring look at creative people from very different walks of life who nonetheless communicate beautifully with one another. They don’t need to speak a common language: Their dazzling music says it all. Stephanie Merry, The Washington Post, June 23, 2016

From the director of the Oscar (R)-winning documentary 20 Feet from Stardom and the critically acclaimed Best of Enemies, the new film The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble tells the extraordinary story of the renowned international musical collective created by legendary cellist Yo-Yo Ma. The feature-length documentary follows this group of diverse instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, arrangers, visual artists and storytellers as they explore the power of music to preserve tradition, shape cultural evolution and inspire hope.

Directed by Morgan Neville and starring Yo-Yo Ma, Kinan Azmeh, and Kayhan Kalhor.

In theaters June 10, 2016 to limited release. Rating is PG-13 (for brief strong language).  Runtime of 96 minutes.  Studio: Tremolo Productions.  Screens Saturday at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm, Sunday at 1:00 pm, and Monday at 7:00 pm.