About the Festival

1. Who produces the Festival?

The Whiskey Creek Film Festival is produced by CozyLogothe Whiskey Creek Film Festival Committee. Local sponsors, including 5 Wings Arts Council and the Wadena Convention and Visitors Bureau, help support the Festival.  All sponsors are recognized on the sponsor page; click on the “sponsor” menu at the bottom of the page to visit links to businesses and organizations that make the Festival happen.

The 2019 Festival has a simple rule:  screening critically recognized films in current theatrical release not usually shown in theaters in rural Minnesota.

2. The Cozy Theatre

Special thanks to the Cozy Theatre and 3rd-generation owner Dave Quincer for making the Cozy available one week each September for the Festival.  And a special thank you to all the Cozy staff who have a key role in the success of this annual film celebration.  Visit the Cozy website by clicking on the Cozy name or the photograph of the Cozy.

3.  Thank our sponsors

Our business and individual sponsors make this Festival possible.  If you have a chance please tell our sponsors you appreciate their support of Whiskey Creek Film Festival.   They, along with our patrons, bring the Festival to life each September.

4. Best in Current Cinema

During the week of September 13-19 six films-all in current theatrical release-will be screened at the Cozy Theatre.  Click the link “Best in Current Cinema” for detailed information, critical commentary, rating information, and links to film trailers.

5. Films from and about Minnesota and the region

We include at least one film with a strong Minnesota connection.  This year the film is a documentary about Charles Woehrle, an airman from Pine City, Minnesota who was imprisoned in Stalag Luft III, the infamous prison camp that is the location of the well known film The Great Escape.

6. Special free film for families

Each year we offer a quality film screened at no charge to anyone for families to enjoy together.  This year that film, screened at 4:30pm on Friday, and 1:30pm on Saturday and Sunday, is How to Train Your Dragon: the Hidden World, the third and final installment of this beloved film.

7.  Getting Tickets and Food

Click on the headline above for the details about getting your ticket in person at any of 5 outlets in the area or, if you live at a distance, you can buy your tickets on-line.

8.  60 Second Film Competition

Whiskey Creek Festival is collaborating with the Wadena Crossroads Project to sponsor a 60 second film competition.  Films must be submitted by September 9, 2019.  Follow the link above for all the details.